From the customer’s perspective . . .

“But they were in some of my worse stores. We were shorthanded and the shelves were low on inventory. Why didn’t you let me pick the stores?” These were the exact words of the COO at a major retailer as I reported on a recent mobile shop along. All he could see was how poorly […]

Predictive analytics: Is there a price to pay?

Predictive analytics is very much in demand these days. What exactly is it? Predictive analytics is the same as the multivariate analysis we have been doing all along. The only difference is that in traditional analysis we have to explain the relationships we identify and in predictive analytics we don’t. Suppose we find that when […]

Who speaks for market research?

This post is courtesy of MRII Board member Charlotte Sibley.    I was the first MBA Pfizer hired into market research in 1970. The research we did then was pretty basic: focus groups, conventional questionnaires, and analyzing IMS data. I was on product teams, but R&D, sales – and to a lesser degree, marketing –really […]

Survey Design Improvements Are the Key to Better, Faster, Cheaper

Better, cheaper, faster.  That’s what buyers want from sellers.  And guess what?  It’s what sellers want from buyers.  Here’s the catch… These shared objectives are inextricably linked by the survey instrument.  Because there is a third partner in this relationship that is often ignored – the survey taker.  If buyers want better, cheaper, faster data, […]

A New “Golden Age” for Customer Segmentation?

I still remember my first time. Some 25 years ago as a young marketing executive at the PGA of America, I hypothesized that profiling golfers by simply looking at behavioral metrics like annual rounds of golf played, wasn’t helping us to capture their emotional connection to the game that could potentially trigger more resonant marketing […]

3 Golden Questions to Determine “Fit for Purpose”: Choosing the Right Data Collection Method for the Problem

Last week, UGA/MRII updated its Principles of Market Research (PoMR) online course with a revised module on data-collection methods, authored by Pete Cape, the global knowledge director of SSI. In support of the course, yesterday ESOMAR sponsored a 1-hour webinar presented by Pete. Pete began by revisiting the origin of an old quote, from Abraham […]