96% of Americans are not shopping online

A week or so ago my email included news of a new study breathlessly announcing, “96 percent of Americans are shopping online.” That number struck me as high since the very idea that 96% of Americans even use the Internet sounded like a stretch. So I asked Google, “How many Americans use the Internet?” First […]

ESOMAR and GRBN on Online Research

I wear several different hats including that of a consultant to the ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee. In that capacity I work with teams charged with developing guidance on the ethical and legal issues researchers confront when working with different research methods. In 2015 ESOMAR joined with the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) to develop a […]

IIeX Healthcare 2016: Innovation Quicksand

Lisa Courtade, Head, Global Customer Brand Insights at Merck & Co. and President of MRII, chaired a plenary panel titled, “Innovation Quicksand in Healthcare, “ at the recent IIeX Health 2016 Conference in Philadelphia. Panelists were Charlotte Sibley and Bart Weiner, healthcare industry icons and also MRII Board members. Lisa began by sharing several slides […]

The future of Surveys

Earlier this year I wrote a very short piece on this topic for the Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) publication, Research News. Unfortunately, access to the journal is restricted to AMSRS members but they have agreed to let me share my article on this blog. You can download it here. Any one interested […]

The UK polling report’s message to MR

Last week the group investigating the failure of polls to accurately predict the 2015 British election released its final report. You can read about it on ResearchLive and download the report here. As expected, the report points to unrepresentative samples as the main culprit. And, as I wrote in a previous blog post, there are […]

Making sense of big data

Yesterday morning I heard Bob Groves speak at the StatCan conference. His talk was titled, “Towards a Quality Framework for Blends of Designed and Organic Data.” Or, more simply put, survey data and big data. For those who may not know him, Bob has been our most significant evangelist of the total survey error (TSE) […]

Big data in official statistics

I am at a conference in Gatineau, Quebec (just across the river from Ottawa), which is all about big data and official statistics. It is heavily attended by people from national statistical institutes (e.g. US Census, Statistic Netherlands, and Statistics Canada who organized the event) from around the world, all of them eager to find […]

The real value of mobile for MR

Yesterday I bemoaned the MR industry’s bemoaning of the slow uptake of what we used to call “pure mobile” applications. It occurred to me after posting that I had not mentioned arguably the biggest benefit of mobile for MR: it makes a huge portion of the world that has long been unreachable reachable, and without […]

Is mobile dead?

I was at a meeting last week where someone said, “When you talk to the major panel companies about mobile they will privately admit that mobile is dead.” By that he meant that the promise of mobile—in-the-moment, geolocation tracking, etc.—is nowhere near at the scale once predicted. This blog post also is getting some attention, […]