Idea Screening For A Dozen, 60, Or Even 500 Ideas

Idea Screening for a Dozen, 60, or even 500 Ideas

Often we’re asked to test ideas, claims, brand names, slogans, product packaging, etc. Sometimes it’s just a few, and sometimes 100 or more! If it’s just A vs. B, a simple choice question suffices: “Which do you prefer, A or B?” To test five different ideas, sometimes a ranking question does the trick: “Please rank […]

The Revolution of Secondary Data

The Revolution of Secondary Data

Traditionally, data collected for any purpose other than to meet the needs of a particular research study was called “secondary” data. However, the definition of secondary data is evolving. Advances in technology are giving researchers access to vast potential sources of data and information that push the boundary of that definition. Historically, market research has […]

Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and Market Research

There has been a good deal of handwringing of late in the NewMR social media bubble about the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook imbroglio and its implications for MR. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about do some googling.) The general issue at play is one that the ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee (PSC) has been wrestling with […]