The Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™) is the updated industry consensus on what insights professionals regard as the required fundamentals for research education. Mastering the MRCBOK is one possible path to earning certification in the United States, Canada, or Australia. [PDF link] MRCBOK Learning Objectives


Developed by William Neal of SDR Consulting, Inc. and Dr. Malcolm McNiven of the University of Georgia in 1994, the MRCBOK directly led to the formation of the MRII.  That same year the Marketing Research Association (MRA) Board of Directors appointed a task force to determine the feasibility of creating a separate non-profit organization to create educational and training materials for the marketing and opinion research industry. The board approved and allocated funds in 1995 to establish the Institute.

Ever since, a unique mix of practitioners and academics have periodically reviewed and updated the MRCBOK, so that it can serve as a firm, contemporary foundation for insights professional. Reviewed by industry associations around the world, the MRCBOK represents an international consensus of business practitioners on the required fundamentals for market-research education.

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